Day 2 of scrutineering started off uneventful. Having finished a majority of our scrutineering on day one, we only needed to make a few minor edits to complete the unfinished station of Day 1 and the last station that we didn’t attempt yesterday. Some changes included adding upgraded bolts to the seat belts and tinkering with the suspension and battery box. However, we were blindsided by another problem when we realized that we had abandoned Dave at the hotel. Mr. Haruch had gone to Mass and we assumed that Dave had gone with him. At 8:00AM, Soham received a call from a groggy Dave asking where we were. Mr. Bharne was sent to retrieve our stranded member. As we waited for the judges to approve the final vestiges of the mechanical station, we indulged in the strangest flavor this side of the Rio Grande, Lime Cucumber Gatorade. Finally judge John King ran through all of our mechanical systems. After calling over his superiors to do the final checks, we gained our fifth OK of the six stations.

An unhappy, breakfast (6:50AM) [NOT AS UNHAPPY AS DAVE!!!! (I AM THE WEBMASTER AS WELL!!)]

The next and final station would be endurance. This station test the car’s gut, put her through the wringer and see if she survives. This station was completed by only a fraction of the team, Albert, Justin, Shyamal, and Evan. This test puts the car though three laps on the track and a mock emergency trailering. The first lap checked radio communication between the driver and the members in the truck; the second lap was the qualifying lap time; the third lap was to simulate a break down with the team trailering the car into the trailer. Albert finished the laps with relative ease, and the team had even more success while trailering the car. However, the judge that was timing our qualifying lap, decided he would have lunch instead of letting us finish our station. We had to wait an hour for his mandatory lunch break to end until we could hunt him down and ask him to sign the papers. After the obligatory hour, Albert ran off and hunted him down, prying from him the final acknowledgment. When Chris signed our scrutineering booklet, the pictures taken and the hands were shook. The team’s speakers broke out in a round of “Rock Lobster” (the Devon Panel theme song) and other songs of such quality. Such ended our garage work for the day.

Team picture with Mr. Jones

…is what we hoped would happen, as the moment before we left the premises we were informed of a flaw: the motor was tilted, leaving us with an unfortunate situation that ended in a block of wood and a giant flaming orange mallet pounding the motor into place. After testing the new motor placement, we were further delayed by a “necessity” to charge our batteries to full. Soon after the batteries were charged, Soham declared us done, retiring for the day. After we returned to the hotel, we decided to put on Sportscenter, and by seven o’clock, all of us had accidentally fallen asleep in front of the TV at least once.

Once everyone was awake, everyone got dressed for the opening banquet for our third round of Mexican food where we celebrated and all the teams introduced themselves, to the applause of the room. After an evening of pleasantries, we returned and began a strategy meeting in anticipation of the first day of the race tomorrow. The electrical team, consisting of Soham, Albert, and Dave went off to finish essential programs, while the rest of us went to bed in order to wake up early.

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