Evan being interviewed

Today marks the second day of scrutineering, in which we endeavoured to complete our last two trials, General and Electrical Inspection. After a Texas-sized breakfast of Texas-shaped waffles with Texas-style biscuits and gravy, we headed back to the Garage to fix Sol Tide to judge standards.

Due to a vision issue, meeting standards required unscrewing the whole solar panel array and reattaching everything, which absorbed our morning. After three hours, however, Sol Tide was cleared for the vision test, leaving us with one final hurdle: the Electrical Inspection.

After our barbecue lunch, we went and completed the wiring. In a tense minute, the judges pored over Sol Tide until they paused, and finally gave the OK. Sol Tide had passed the six trials of scrutineering! However, whilst Mary Ann was going down Electric Avenue, everyone’s favorite, and handsome, and photogenic, and intelligent blog writer was singled out among all to be interviewed by the Solar Car media gnomes, and it was awesome. Overjoyed we went and took a practice lap for tomorrow’s race, repeatedly practicing reloading and unloading in the Texan heat.

Team around the car

Our daily goal completed, we returned to our hotel to rest off the heat until the banquet, a tortilla-fest of introductions and powerpoint slideshows in celebration of the Solar Car Challenge. Upon return, we retired to our rooms and rested up in wait of the upcoming race tomorrow.

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