Working on the car

The Challenge Begins

In the wee hours of the morning, the very, very wee hours, the Devon Solar Car Team assembled at the Philly airport. Soon, once again, they began the annual flight to Texas, that annual chance to earn the absurdly large trophy.

When the team arrived in Dallas, mother nature threw them another screwball. Like the desert rain in New Mexico the year before, Dallas was coated in a thick blanket of clouds with record low summer temperatures.

This, however, did not deter the team. They headed over to the Fort Worth Marriott, where the trailer was parked. The first order of business was to ensure that the tools and the lovely lady inside were all in order. When the door begrudgingly opened after several yanks, there she was: Mary Ann, the solar goddess.

Looking fine in her new skin, hmmm-mmm very fine, Mary Ann gave the team almost no trouble, save for some brake issues. BRAKES!!! OF COURSE IT’S ALWAYS THE BRAKES!!! To top it all off, we spent fifteen minutes suffering through “Rock Lobster” while working. Anyhoozle, what can you do? With the car all in order, the team went to register for the event. With this registration we received 50 booklets full of information on all the teams, around 40 of which are just sitting on a counter serving their purpose as paperweights.

Working on the car some more

After registration, we met up with the Horbowys at Babe’s Chicken for a dinner filled with chicken, chicken fried steak and alternative hokey pokey. After dinner we returned to the Marriott to register our two latecomers as part of the team. The competition was much larger this year. The Classic Division alone has fourteen teams presently, including us. The challenge would be more difficult this year, but we are hopeful that we will win.

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