The solar car arrived in Dallas today after the long haul from Atlanta. We were greeted in the morning by the sight of Atlanta traffic. From there we went to the state of Alabama. Shortly after entering Alabama, we saw a billboard saying, “anti-racist is code word for anti-white”. Needless to say, we hurried out of Alabama as fast as we could.

We then tried to stop for some crawfish at a restaurant called “Mudbugs” in Mississippi. However, due to our stupidity, we showed up two hours before the restaurant opened, so we went to Wendy’s instead.

We were kept busy the next few hours with news reports about the Russia/Ukraine and Israel/Gaza incidents. Our next stop was in West Monroe, Louisiana, where we stopped by Duck Commander, home of the show “Duck Dynasty”. After that quick stop, we continued to a craw daddy hole. Here we were finally able to get our crawdads, however they only came fried.

We finished off the night driving four more hours with the help of Mr. Conser’s diverse playlist. This playlist consisted of everything from Dominick the Donkey to Cotton Eyed Joe. We pulled into our hotel around 11:00, ready for a good night’s sleep.

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