Loading the car

After many months of hard work, we packed up the car and hit the road. While most of the team will be flying into Texas later this week, the brave team of Scott Conser, Ben Conser, and Sean Kennedy was assembled to drive the car down to Texas. After a brief team meeting at the shop, we were on the road.

Luckily for us, the rental company provided a brand new Ford F250 pickup truck, ensuring that the drive would consist of towing power, and lots of leg room. After a smooth start to the drive, Mother Nature called in a rainstorm to batter our newly beloved pickup.We were helped along by the energy of a Jack Links Squatch Stick. There was also an encounter with a schizophrenic drug addict outside of a Walmart that made our car reek of cheap perfume the rest of the evening.

Entering North Carolina!

All in all, we arrived safely in South Hill, Virginia around 1:30 AM thanks to the skillful driving of Scott Conser (and company). One by one, we each fell asleep, preparing for the seven hour drive the next day to Atlanta.

This is the first post during the 2014 race

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